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Dohas (Couplets) by Kabir

Flowers from the pond

Kabir was a 15th Century Sufi poet 

"Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura naa milya koyejo 
Jo munn khoja apnaa, to mujhse bura naa koye".

Searching for the wicked, met not a single one
When searched myself, "I" found the wicked one.

"Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ub
pal mein paralya hoyeig, bahuri karoge kub".

Tomorrow's work do today, today's work anon
If the moment is lost, when will the work be done.

"Aisee vani boliye, mun ka aapa khoye
apna tan sheetal kare auran ko sukh hoye".

Speak such words, sans ego's ploy
Body remains composed, giving the listener joy.

"Dheere dheere re mana, dheere sub jitch hoye
Mali seenche so ghara, ritu aaye phal hoye."

Slowly slowly Oh mind, everything in own pace happens
Gardner may water a hundred buckets, fruit arrives only in its season.

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